Liberty Village Art Crawl….Some New Work….Work In Progress

After a lot of thought I am finally attending my first art show in a long time this weekend….as an artist. Always hard to put such an intimate part of yourself as your art work out there….but guess it’s about time I stopped just putting my work up on Facebook lol lol…..OK not just on Facebook – I have this blog too lol lol.

I’m exhibiting some art work in a shared booth with a very good friend and an incredible artist, Joseph Sagaj….at the Liberty Village Art Crawl Sept. 13 – 14….drop by and say HI….even better buy a painting lol lol. BTW, another good friend and an incredible artist in her own right, an amazing jewellery maker, Barb Nahwegahbow will be showing at the Liberty Village Art Crawl too. Check out Barb’s great jewellery.

The following weekend we are at Curve Lake Pow Wow….then on Sept. 28th we’re at the Biindigen 3rd Annual Aboriginal Arts Festival in Sutton at Georgina Gallery.

Yesterday at Liberty Village Art Crawl was cold….very cold….but today will be better. But Friday was a good day even without a lot of folks dropping by largely due to the weather. Very cool day though….even if COLD too lol lol….Joseph and I got interviewed by Bob Phillips of AVR (Aboriginal Voices Radio)….Bob does AVR’s Art Review.

If you are in the market for some great Native art, or just want to say HI, drop by booth #58 today where you’ll find Joseph Sagaj and myself. I’ll be painting a canvas.

Here are some photos from today of our booth:

001 002 003 004

Here is some new work just completed….on 5″ X 7″ canvas board:

001 002008002

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