Some Sketches Of New Work….


Sketch of new work entitled “Not A Pipe Dream”….the top left hand corner is an oil pipeline with a ‘X’ through it (what will be a red ‘X’), indicating no oil pipelines (whether Northern Gateway or Keystone or Line 9 or whatever)….the bottom right corner is a traditional pipe with smoke (in top right corner) encircling a fetus, showing that the traditional ways must be followed, especially for generations to follow (Seven Generations into the future)….which leads to the fist clinching an eagle feather surrounded by ‘Idle No More’ in the bottom left corner….with the center wreath of sweetgrass circling four wampum belts, a pair of hands clasping in agreement, and four faces too….this piece is based on a recent painting called “Putting A Face To Treaties”:


I hope the new work (“Not A Pipe Dream”) is reflective of many of the issues that have been faced by First Nations in the past & still are in the present, and hopefully will be better dealt with by the mainstream society in the future….because as Native people, we will always fight for our rights. Whether we have just recently got involved with movements like Idle No More…or we’ve never been idle.

I hope that this is not merely a pipe dream….not just for the sake of First Nations….but for all the Four Sacred Colours.

Another sketch is of a hawk….in more of a realistic format than I usually work in:


Another sketch is a stylized eagle:


These are just sketches for now….once I get painted I’ll post the finished works….

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