Nice Review From Artisans Gift Fair Blog

As I posted previously I was at the Artisan’s Fair at Tranzac yesterday. Unfortunately not that many buyers out….probably due to weather. But at least I covered cost for my half of table….and made a few $….and had fun any way. I was only there on Saturday….but I got a nice review in their blog though at Artisans Gift Fair Blog :

I hope you had a chance to check out the artwork from ‘W’ DAE B’ WAE Creative Arts’.  These works of art were quite stunning – very clean and beautifully minimalist, with the use of some colour here and there or simply black and white.  They were extremely elegant.  A great addition to your place or perhaps for a loved one, especially if either of you enjoy Canadian imagery.  Images were made up of acrylic or acrylic and ink on paper or canvas.  Prices ranged from $30 – $400.

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