Gchi Nbi-Art For The Water

I have been selected as one of the artists of Gchi Nbi-Art For The Water….this art exhibit is for local and international Indigenous elders and spiritual leaders and event participants at the 2014 Sacred Water Circle Gathering – and I am proud to be one of the local artists asked to take part.

The Sacred Water Circle is a collective of multi-faith/ spiritual individuals who are working in response to a call out by global Indigenous Spiritual leaders to restore balance to our environment:  Inspired by traditional Indigenous teachings and leading with hope and spiritual courage, the Sacred Water Circle sees a restored relationship between human communities and water.

The Exhibition opening event will take place Friday May 2nd , 7-9pm  at Trent University in the Florence Benedict Gathering Space.  Artwork will be displayed for the duration of the Gathering May 1st – May 4th, 2014.



This the piece I did which was selected:

Mike 5

“All Aboard”

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