Kū-Kŭm Kitchen Canoe Model

Almost a year ago an amazing restaurant opened in Toronto….Kū-Kŭm Kitchen where chef Joseph Shawana reimagines traditional Indigenous recipes with fine dining techniques. Kū-Kŭm Kitchen is a restaurant with a philosophy of showcasing what chef Joseph Shawana calls the “whole ingredient,” by which he means using what’s readily available and respecting the source of our nourishment— Mother Nature. He’s a patron of foragers, and Indigenous fishers and hunters. It’s his deeply personal brand of locavorism.

I am so taken by this great restaurant that I offered to gift a birch bark canoe model to Kū-Kŭm. This canoe model is now on display at Kū-Kŭm Kitchen….it is an old fashioned Anishinaabe canoe (1/4 scale)….please feel free to check it out for yourself if you are in Toronto. Better yet check out the incredible food….great service….plus fantastic atmosphere with great art.



Kū-Kŭm Kitchen
581 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-519-2638, kukum-kitchen.com

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