Basil Smith/Jocko Carle Birch Bark Canoe For Sale

I purchased a birch bark canoe built by Basil Smith and Jocko Carle recently with the intent of restoring and most likely keeping.

But after a lot of thought I have decided that the Jocko Carle/Basil Smith birch bark canoe too valuable to keep….plus I have medical expenses I did not figure on since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last week.

The canoe was built 40 to 50 years ago. This is an authentic 13′ bark canoe built by 2 of the best builders from Maniwaki Quebec, Jocko Carle, Basil Smith. Built from a single piece of bark….in amazing shape….mostly just needs some new lashing and new pitch….and then will be ready to be on the water again.

It will be fully restored by Chuck Commanda (William Commanda’s grandson….Basil Smith was William’s brother-in-law) and myself.

Open to reasonable offers considering the importance of this canoe. Serious inquiries only. A 50% deposit would be required, with the remaining 50% paid upon completion.

This is a very significant canoe, worthy of any serious collector.

NOTE: In 1980 Jocko and Basil were filmed doing a full build; this film is available through Henri Vaillancourt:

2 thoughts on “Basil Smith/Jocko Carle Birch Bark Canoe For Sale

    • Kyle,

      That canoe was raffled off instead of being sold….over 4 years ago….so I do not own the canoe any longer and unfortunately cannot help you with a purchase of one of Jocko’s canoes. The one I found was on Kijiji of all places

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