New Directions

Recently I have decided to concentrate my creativity on other things than canoe building….deciding to leave that for younger more able folks. I am returning to my first artistic modus operandi – visual arts. I am working on a new series of paintings….combining the traditional Woodland style with my love for music, in particular blues music. I am calling this series “IND-N BLUES”….hopefully I will have this series completed later in 2019.
I have also begun plans to develop a foundation, aimed at working with Indigenous communities, primarily with Indigenous youth. This foundation will help create arts opportunities….visual arts….cultural and traditional skills & teachings….language….possibly as gatherings….or culture & language camps. Yes the canoe will be part of such endeavours.
But so will music and video….as it is hoped that a multi media approach may be the best way to reach out to communities and especially the youth.
I am also returning to my love of music….in particular the guitar….and roots music of any kind. I hope to be able to write some music….record….even possibly perform….but also to produce and promote some great talent.
So this is my new dream….I am moving forward in its pursuit. Finding new directions….even in some old ones.

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