Jay Bell Redbird RIP

I was saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Jay Bell Redbird. Jay was an amazing artist….and a friend. I am honoured to have known him and to have worked with him on more than one occasion….

I remember first meeting Jay and hanging out at the Coloured Stone….having some great conversations about art….always admiring the images he could create….later taking part with him in an art show at the Skydome Pow Wow….eventually doing a mural project together at the First Nations School….but eventually losing touch except for occasionally bumping into each other now and then.

In recent years we had reconnected….even being part of the Thunderbird Marketplace at the Spring One Of A Kind Show together a few years back….later we would run into each other at shows….and community events…..he always made me laugh.

Jay was more grounded….very happy in his life….especially with Halina walking with him. He was a good man living a good life in a good way. Family was very important to him….he was very proud of Duke…..his sisters too….and his whole family….Jay loved his family.

He was creating some of his best work….his images stronger than ever.

Prayers and thoughts go out to Jay….his family….and friends….asemaa put down.

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