UPDATE!!!! Birch Bark Telecaster SOLD!!!!

Recently I received bad news. The hand surgery for my left hand I had hoped for has been cancelled as the arthritis in my left hand is far worse than originally diagnosed and surgery will not be able to remedy the situation.

SO I am selling off some of my guitars and amps….most that have hardly been played or used if at all due to my injury.

One of these was the birch bark Telecaster I had built by Jesse Brown of Brown Bear Guitars….called Wiigwaasi-Mukwa (Birch Bark Bear).

Her new home is with great friends and fabulous musicians, the Indigenous group Digging Roots….Raven will be putting her through her paces beginning at the Mariposa Folk Festival….and she will be travelling around the world….sharing our story and our vision musically. I couldn’t think of anybody better to have her….Raven is also of the Bear clan. An awesome guitarist, Raven played the bark Telecaster at the recent Luminato event Biziindan! for the first time. It was obvious Raven was the right person for such a special guitar….I am honoured he bought her and will play her regularly.

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