Paddling Forward….

SO I wrote a while ago on my personal Facebook page that I was feeling conflicted….I think it was just something I ate lol….

Seriously though, after much thinking….and with the support of an incredible network of friends….after much searching for the ideal location (which may have been found BUT going back for second look to make sure)….with many ups and downs….& more than a bit of a roller coaster ride….I’m moving forward with the idea of a second (or is it third or fourth) career in the music business….including a kickass recording studio designed by the incredible Martin Pilchner….hopefully an Indigenous label/promotion/production company….a space where we will be able to work as well with youth (especially from marginalized communities)….plus with available office space for like minded cool people in music and related arts….hopefully even working on side projects with Make Music Matter and The Remix Project….

So STUDIO JIIMAAN is moving forward….through STUDIO JIIMAAN we will be able to create a vessel that will take one on an incredible journey. Music done naturally in balance, harmony, and grace. As with the jiimaan or canoe. We envision a studio space that reflects the canoe….the jiimaan….not just as a metaphor….but also incorporating some of its inherent designs….that we think can be useful to create an incredible acoustic space.

It has been said: “To know where one is going, one must know from where one has come.” In doing so, it is also good to think in canoe terms: “When in doubt, keep the open end up, and the pointed end forward.” Or like the Telecaster just keep it simple.

There will be an obvious Indigenous slant to a lot of this….but Indigenous people sometimes wear what is called a Unity button….a button with the four colours of red, white, black and yellow on it. These colours represent the four sacred colours of the Medicine Wheel….the four races of man….and these colours all meet in the middle. So we need to learn to meet in the middle too….to actually find common ground….equal footing. I think that music can do just that….music heals….and can bring people together.

We can all learn to listen to each other more….a lot of the mainstream society needs to learn to listen to Indigenous people….to actually hear them. We have two ears and one mouth so should listen twice as much as we speak….

And it is said that when the Europeans first came and ‘discovered’ North America that they had no eyes and no ears, since they didn’t see or hear. Maybe it is time to change that. Open up their eyes….and ears….most definitely though music.

I attended the incredible We Are The Stronghold music benefit last Thursday Feb. 27th put on by the International Indigenous Music Summit….so much great music….such a positive message….and positive vibe.

Music is truly healing….and can both get the right messages out there AND make you think too….bring all people together….but also allows one to create in one’s own unique individuality.

On March 23, I start at the Harris Institute of the Arts, taking The Audio Production Program (APP) and The Arts Management Program (AMP) together to combine for The Music Business Professional certification. Since I am part of a group planning to build a recording studio, I thought I had better learn all I could.

So the journey continues….more to come….though I may not have much time for Facebook for the next 20 months….

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